Speaker Name
Matthew Asbrey
Head of Culture
Homerton University Hospitals
Speaker Name
Anton Emmanuel
Interim Head of Workforce Race Equality Standard (WRES)
NHS England and NHS Improvement
Speaker Name
Stacy Johnson MBE
Associate Professor
The University of Nottingham
Speaker Name
Charlie Massey
Chief Executive and Registrar
Speaker Name
Diane Palmer
Lead Nurse (Corporate Services) for Trauma Informed Care and Military Veterans Mental Health
Norfolk and Suffolk FT
Speaker Name
Laura Smith
Director or Workforce, OD and System Development
Leeds Community Healthcare NHS Trust and Leeds GP Confederation
Speaker Name
Thea Stein
Chief Executive
Leeds Community Healthcare NHS Trust
Speaker Name
Jenny Vaughan
Vice-Chair and ‘Learn Not Blame’ Lead
The Doctor’s Association UK
Speaker Name
Nicole Williams
Chartered Occupational Psychologist and Deputy Director of Organisational Development and Engagement, Wrightington
Wigan and Leigh NHS Foundation Trust